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The Best Public Address, Tannoy & Announcement Systems

The Best Public Address, Tannoy & Announcement Systems

What makes a great Public Address Tannoy & Announcement system

A well thought out and designed Public Address / Tannoy System can be an extremely effective communication tool with your staff and customers across large or complex premises. Our specially designed Multi-zone paging systems enable announcements to be made in key areas, whilst our smaller single-zone systems are suited to one open area.

As well as Public Address announcements, all of our systems can play background music, perfect for creating a pleasant productive working environment. Music sources can be provided from an iPod or smartphone device, an FM/DAB radio, or an external CD player. Bluetooth Connectivity is also available on selected systems.

A Public Address, commonly know as a Tannoy System is operated via a 100V Line Amplifier. This master amplifier can be routed to an array of 100V Line Wall Speakers, Ceiling Speakers or Horn Speakers across a number of areas within your building.

We are one of the UK's leading provider of Commercial Audio, Tannoy and Public Address sound systems with many years of experience and invaluable knowledge. We pride ourselves in helping businesses find the best audio solutions for their specific requirements. No matter how small or large the project is, our helpful sales team will work alongside you to fulfil your needs.

Pre-configured PA / Tannoy Systems created by our Sales Manager Tom James

Adastra 16 Speaker Paging and Announcement system with Background Music

1. Adastra 16 Speaker Paging and Announcement system with Background Music £509.00 (inc. VAT)

This sixteen speaker multi-zone paging and announcement system is great for medium-sized offices, call centres, retail stores and business environments alike.

Supplied with Bluetooth Connectivity, this pre-configured PA audio system is also perfect for background music. A USB/SD card reader and RCA inputs allow for connection of external CD and media players whilst the integrated FM tuner enables you to play a local radio station through the system.
This professional PA paging system comes with 4-zones which can be routed to different areas of the building.

Some typical examples are: 
• Zone 1 - Reception/Waiting Area
• Zone 2 - Main Office
• Zone 3 - Kitchen/Canteen
• Zone 4 - Toilets

Connecting the included CS-4 Call Station then enables you to make announcements in certain areas/zones or across the whole building. This is great for scenarios such as the receptionist letting the main office aware that a customer has arrived for an appointment.

Equipment List:
• 1 x Adastra RM244V 4-Zone Paging Amplifier with Bluetooth
• 6 x Adastra CC6V 6.5" 20W Ceiling Speakers
• 1 x Adastra CS4 Desktop Call Station Microphone
• 1 x Double Insulated Speaker Cable - 100m


Monacor 4-Zone Public Address & Background Music System

2. Monacor 4-Zone Public Address & Background Music System £2,109.00 (inc. VAT)

One of our higher-spec public address systems ideal for medium to large-scale commercial environments with multiple floors or rooms. 

This Monacor audio system is a all-in-one solution for public address, paging, tannoy and background music. Each of the 4-zones can be controlled independently from volume control, source selection and paging without any compromise.

Monacor PA-40120 a specialist 4-Zone Mixer Amplifier with an array of functionality. 5 audio inputs allow for a variety of devices to connect to the amp, and each input can be individually routed to each zone. For example, a connected CD player could be playing through Zone 1 while Spotify is playing through zones 2 to 4.

The PA-40120 will also accept a 24V DC power connection for when mains power is not available, or as a backup. Another backup method is the 'Spare Amp' connection, which will allow for another amplifier to power the system in the rare event of a failure. This is great for security as it will retain any connected emergency systems, such as a fire alarm or emergency broadcast. There is also an input for a fireman's microphone. The Monacor PA-40120 is backed up by Monacor’s excellent 3 year warranty.

Monacor PA-4000RC multi-zone paging microphone will allow for independent announcements over the 4 zones individually, a few at a time, or all at the same time for building-wise information. A chime is also present, and can be toggled on and off when need. The gooseneck design ensures easy accessibility for the user, and the whole unit is powered via 24V DC directly from the amplifier connection.

Monacor EDL-11TW flush-mounted ceiling speaker provides clear and crisp sound through a variety of applications, including background music and public address. The speaker is easy to install thanks to the unique quick-mounting facility and provides an additional level of fire-resistance thanks to its construction materials. This speaker is available in black or white to fit the design of the building.

Speaker Cable - 200m of Low Smoke Halogen Free (LSHF) Speaker Cable is supplied with this professional audio system. LSHF cable emits no more than 0.5% Hydrogen Chloride in the event of a fire. This means LSHF cable only produces small amounts of light grey smoke, increasing a person's chance of escaping a burning building.

Equipment List:
1 x Monacor PA-40120 4-Zone 100V Line Mixer Amplifier
1 x Monacor PA-4000RC Zonal Paging Microphone
16/20/24 x Monacor EDL-11TW Fire-protected Ceiling Speakers
1 x Low Smoke Halogen Free Speaker Cable - 200m (2 x 100m reels)

3. Adastra 6 Speaker - PA / Background Music System with Bluetooth £329.00 (inc. VAT)

A uncomplicated, single-zoned audio system perfect for background music and PA announcements. It features a 5-channel mixer amplifier with Bluetooth Connectivity, a USB/SD card input, an FM radio tuner and 2 x RCA inputs for connecting an external CD or Media player.

This pre-configured Bluetooth Music System comes with six (x6) Adastra CC6V commercial-grade ceiling speakers. These professional in-ceiling speakers feature a 6.5" woofer that delivers crystal-clear audio great for music playback and speech applications. The CC6V's have a premium 100V Line transformer that has multiple power tappings of 20W, 15W, 10W, 5W & 2.5W. This enables you to balance each speaker to suit the area it is in. For example, if you have a 'quiet area' you could drop the speakers to 5W meaning it won't be as loud as the other speakers.

This PA / background music system is straightforward to install and can be set up in no time. It comes supplied with a 100m drum of 2-core speaker cable.

Equipment List:
• 1 x Adastra RM120B 5-Channel 120W Mixer Amplifier with Bluetooth
• 6 x Adastra CC6V 6.5" 20W Ceiling Speakers
• 1 x Double Insulated Speaker Cable - 100m

FREE no obligation PA system design & consultation service

If you have building plans? you can send these over to us and for free we will build a bespoke system for your business environment with an equipment list and speaker placement recommendation. Free of charge and with no obligation to purchase.

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If you require any further assistance regarding theses PA systems or any other 100V Line product just contact us on 02476 369890 and one of our experts will be happy to help. Or use our Request a Call Back page for a FREE no obligation system design & consultation service.

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