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Mixer Amplifiers for Commercial Audio, 100V Line & Low Impedance

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Mixer amplifiers enable you to mix multiple line level and microphone inputs and then amplify them through an array of loudspeakers within your establishment. Mixer amps are an all-in-one solution for playing background/foreground music and speech.

There are a couple of types of mixer amplifier. Multi-zone mixer amplifiers provide you with complete, independent control over each area of your install, from dedicated volume control and source selection to basic EQ. Single zone mixer amplifiers provide one overall control for all connected speakers, including volume and EQ, and are best suited to small environments that just need playback to cover one area.

Although mainly designed for 100V Line loudspeakers, mixer amplifiers also have outputs for low impedance speakers, making it easy to install into any existing compatible system.

Mixer amplifiers can be rack-mounted into a 19" rack cabinet or case great for keeping in a safe and secure location or alternatively can be sat upon a desk or counter.