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AudioVolt Number of Speakers Calculator

How to calculate the number of speakers to install in your business

This calculator is designed to guide you in determining the ideal number of speakers to install in your building.

It is important to note that this is just a rough estimate based on the square footage provided and assumes a uniform, unobstructed room.

There are many factors that can affect the optimum number of speakers such as ambient noise, shape of the room, where the speakers can be physically installed and the overall power of the speakers and amplifier.

For a more accurate assessment, please reach out to us with your details and we will assist you in selecting the best audio system for your business.

Choosing the correct number of speakers for your building can seem complicated, but it's easier than it may seem and by using our calculator below, you can quickly get an estimate of how many you need.

How to choose the best type of speaker

Speaker type is important as they offer different characteristics. Wall-mount speakers are quite directional and project sound in a focused manner (although this varies from speaker to speaker).

In-ceiling speakers cover a much wider area as they project sound down in a cone shape, and can be placed more evenly throughout the building compared to surface-mount speakers.

Horn speakers can either be focused or emit a wider dispersion of sound, depending on the shape (circular or square). They can project sound across a large distance which makes them a good choice for warehouses or outdoor areas.

Pendant speakers are designed to be hung from a high roof or ceiling, and because they are installed high up, they can cover a very large area per speaker. The sound is projected down in a cone shape, and the higher-up they are installed, the more area they will cover - too high however and the sound will become too washed out, so a balance is required.

How to calculate speaker distance and placement

Speaker placement is just as important as the number of speakers. You want them to not be too close or too far from each other. Of course, where speakers are placed will depend on physical factors such as beams, wall furnature, seating and so on.

A good rule of thumb however is to place speaker the following distances apart for an even coverage:

  • Wall Speakers - 5-7m
  • Ceiling Speakers - 5-7m
  • Pendant Speakers - 10-15m
  • Pendant Speakers - 10-15m

Wall-mounted Speakers

In-ceiling Speakers

Hanging Pendant Speakers

Horn Speakers

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