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Warehouse and Factory Tannoy PA Systems UK

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Having a warehouse / factory background music system installed is ideal for creating an optimal working environment, as it can help boost morale to maintain a positive atmosphere, and can be used to notify employees of current events.

We have a huge range of 100V Line and Low Impedance Amplifiers suitable for any environment. Single-zoned amplifiers will provide one powerful output allowing for one audio source to be played across multiple speakers - perfect for playing the radio in the main warehouse / factory floor. Multi-zone Mixer Amplifiers administer total control over volume, EQ, and audio source selection, making these a great choice when adding music to multiple rooms, for example, the main factory floor/cafeteria/meeting room/toilets. Our more premium Amplifiers such as Monacor will also accept multiple audio sources, allowing for different music in different areas.

All amplifiers allow for public address (also know as tannoy) through either a standard handheld microphone, or a desktop paging microphone of extra control is required. This will allow the shift manager or operator to notify the staff of any necessary information such as shift changes, breaks, order information and more.

Stylish 100V Line and Low Impedance wall speakers bring warm and clear sound characteristics, and are very easy to install thanks to the included mounting brackets - perfect for low-ceiling rooms. Pendant speakers are ideal for high-ceiling areas and cover a much larger distance, which usually means fewer speakers are required overall. For those that are conscious of environmental factors such as moisture, we offer a range of IP rated speakers in both pendant and wall format.

Here at Audio Volt we understand that factories & warhorses come in all shapes and sizes, so a pre-configured kit may not offer what you're looking for. If this is the case, get in touch and we can personally configure the perfect warehouse music solution, no matter the requirements.

For expert advice on a factory or warehouse, or any commercial background system, please call us on 02476 369890. Alternatively, email us at and we will do our best to help you.

Got any drawing plans? We offer a FREE no obligation system design & consultation service. Simply email us your drawing plans with a brief explanation of your requirements and we will get to work.

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