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Public Address / Tannoy Audio Systems for Announcement's & Background Music

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Tannoy / Public Address Systems are an ideal solution for broadcasting important information around the building. Examples could be a shift change in a warehouse, customer announcements in a retail store, or colleague information in an office.

These systems also allow for background music to be played on top of their PA capabilities, extended the functionality of the system. Many of our systems also feature 'Vox Priority', a function which will cut out or lower the volume of the background music whenever somebody speaks through the PA - perfect for retail outlets.

Our PA / Tannoy kits are flexible, and while most of these kits will are suitable for a range of environments, we can also design a bespoke system for your building if required.

Our range of 100V Line/Low Impedance Wall and 100V Line/Low Impedance Ceiling speakers provide convenience when installing, and we will carry something which will suit your environment. Wall speakers are very easy to install and provide a lot of depth and warmth, whereas flush mounted ceiling speakers are discrete and spread sound over a wide area. Most can even be painted to fit the decor, and are a fantastic option when space is a premium. As well as background music, these speakers are also suited to voice due to their carefully designed frequency curves, so audio will always sound clear and legible.

Our 100V Line and Low Impedance amplifiers range from small and compact, to large and powerful. Single zone amplifiers provide a lot of power for audio playback over a large area, whereas multi-zone amplifiers give independent control over each zone; great for multiple rooms/floors.

All of our 100V Line speaker cable is tested and highly-graded to ensure it meets safety requirements. Low Smoke Halogen Free (LSHF/LS0H) is also available for fire safety regulations.

For more advice on paging or background music systems for your office or call centre, contact one of our helpful sales team on 02476 369890 or email us at

Got any drawing plans? We offer a FREE no obligation system design & consultation service. Simply email us your drawing plans with a brief explanation of your requirements and we will get to work.