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Foreground Audio Systems for Bars, Music Venues & Club Music

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A bar or club would not be complete without a quality sound system to set the atmosphere.


Music is a key factor in setting the tone of your venue and is crucial for obtaining repeat business and for maximising the time people spend there, and having the correct sound system for the job is just as important.

At Audio Volt we have a large range of pre-configured music systems suited for all types of music, whether it’s loud and bass-heavy, or a more chilled and relaxing vibe, suited for a cocktail bar for example.

Our range of foreground systems offer a level of depth and volume which are suited to most applications, perfect for a quiet weekday or busy weekend. Subwoofers are also key to obtaining a nice warm depth at lower volumes, something not possible with wall cabinet speakers alone.

For a more discrete solution, we offer in-ceiling speakers which offer a widespread sound without the speakers protruding from the wall.

We also offer zonal systems where control across multiple rooms is required, like the bar, toilets and outside area for example.

Our pre-configured background music systems are made from industry leading brands such as Monacor, Apart, LD Systems, CLB Audio, Inter-M, etc.

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Got any drawing plans? We offer a FREE no obligation system design & consultation service. Simply email us your drawing plans with a brief explanation of your requirements and we will get to work.