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Outdoor Weatherproof PA Speaker Systems for Music & Public Address

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PA/Announcement and Music Systems are essential for outdoor events and attractions as they can set the tone and atmosphere of the area, as well as provide the ability to relay information to guests and staff.

At Audio Volt we provide a range of weather resistant outdoor sound systems suited to any environment.

Horn speakers are ideal for announcements as they can project sound across a large area. Horn speakers are also tailored to the frequencies of the human voice, making them more legible.

Full range music horn speakers are also available, which offer a full frequency range making them a great choice for high-quality music playback, as well as vocal announcements.

If horn speakers are not ideal, then we offer IP-rated wall speakers which can be used instead. These are much more discrete and can be used for music playback and voice.

All speakers in our outdoor kits are IP-rated and can withstand weather such as rain and snow.

Our systems offer a range of microphones that can be used to make announcements. Desktop paging microphones are convenient and can be placed on a desk or table. Wireless microphones are great for live performances where a wired microphone is inconvenient.

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