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Background Music Systems for Cafes & Coffee Shops

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Creating a warm and inviting atmosphere is vital for any cafe or coffee shop, as it ensures a relaxing experience for the customers and staff and is crucial for repeat business.

We have a wide range of pre-configured background music systems for cafes that have been put together based off popular customer requirements.

For small independent cafes & coffee shops, we have our Bosch Bluetooth Amplifier & Speaker Systems which are a great cost-effective speaker solution perfect for adding comfortable background music to any venue. 

If you are looking for a wireless speaker solution for your cafe then our Lithe Audio Wireless Bluetooth Ceiling Speakers are the perfect option. With simple Bluetooth pairing to any smart device, the Lithe Audio speakers provide a seamless operation and thanks to an all-in-one design require no external cabling or amplification. The Lithe speakers are completely business friendly as they offer great reliability and can be supplied with a unique Bluetooth PIN so only you and trusted staff can connect.  

Stylish and modern 100V Line & Low Impedance wall speakers are easy to install and are great for rooms with an open plan ceiling, providing a warm smooth tone throughout. Ceiling speakers are discrete thanks to their flush-mount design, and still retain excellent sound quality.

Can't see a system that suits your needs? Don't worry, one of our experienced sales team can put together a be-spoke music system shaped around your cafe's design & requirements.

For advice on a cafe background music system, why not contact one of our helpful sales team on 02476 369890 or email us at