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Hair, Beauty Salons & Barber Shop Background Music Systems

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Introducing music to your salon, hairdressers or barbershop will make a world of difference to the atmosphere you are trying to achieve.

Whether you own a beauty salon and in need of some relaxing background music or you have a hip barbershop requiring some edgy rock 'n' roll, our bespoke systems have you covered.

Many customers with smaller premises often want a super-simple wireless solution that requires no installation of cable in the walls, storage of bulky amplifiers or mounting of speakers. This is why our customers love the Wireless Multi-Room Music Systems by Tibo. Just plug them in, download the app, connect your device via Bluetooth or WiFi and away you go!

If you are in the market for ceiling speakers, however, but still want the installation to be as minimal as possible, then our Lithe Audio packages are the way forward. These superb sounding speakers require no external amplifier and come in Bluetooth or WiFi versions.

We also, of course, offer a variety of amplifiers that are small & compact, 100V Line & Low Impedance, to more powerful solutions perfect for larger buildings. Single zone amplifiers provide a lot of power for audio playback over a large area, ideal for any environment. For more complex building where multiple rooms need control over playback, zonal mixer amplifiers are a perfect choice. This option is perfect for when your Bluetooth or WiFi signal is not very good, or when installing into larger areas where multiple zones with different music and volume levels are required.

For more advice on music systems for your salon or barbershop, contact one of our helpful sales team on 02476 369890 or email us at