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Speech Transfer system from glass screens by VoiceBridge

VoiceBridge Intercom

VoiceBridge by WHD contactless speech transfer intercom system

Enjoy crystal clear, frustration-free speech transfer with your customers. Easy DIY fitment - Just attach, plug and then speak

Face masks, safety screens and social distancing are no longer a problem with VoiceBridge by WHD.

Hygienic, safe & flexible solution - No need to speak louder, bend over or bypass the acrylic screen!



  • Simple, easy to use & a DIY retrofit design
  • Fully automatic calibration with zero feedback noise
  • Infrared sensors automatically detect when a customer is present at counter
  • Seamless digital duplex technology - Speak and listen at the same time
  • Handsfree Bluetooth headset - up to 10 meters range and 11hrs battery time
Easy to fit intercom by VoiceBridge
Easy DIY Retrofit To Any Existing Screen

Just attach, plug & then speak! Fully automatic. Ideal for cash registers, supermarkets, information desks, petrol stations, clinics, pharmacies, doctors, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops & schools.

Fully automatic intercom system for talking through glass
Digital Crystal Clear Audio Automatically

Frustration free communication with your customers. Face masks, safety screens and social distancing are no longer a problem with VoiceBridge. No longer necessary to speak louder.

Bluetooth Intercom Headsets by VoiceBridge
Up to 8 Handsfree Bluetooth Headsets

Staff can move around the workplace with clear communication with the customer, handsfree. With 11 hours of continuous operation between charging and 5-10 metres of range.


Staff are free to move around the workplace using Bluetooth headsets

dual way counter intercom system
through glass intercom systems
Speech Transfer Systems
dual way counter intercom system
Two way intercom for acrylic screen
Now with handsfree bluetooth headset
Intercom system with bluetooth headsets
handsfree and 10 meters of intercom range
VoiceBridge Standard

VoiceBridge STANDARD

Perfect for staff who are permanently in one place in front of there screen and don't need to move away from the microphone unit.

VoiceBridge Standard is a fully automatic infrared activated intercom system. (it's not possible to retrofit a Bluetooth headset to VoiceBridge Standard)

VoiceBridge Bluetooth


This package includes; 1 Bluetooth Headset and 1 microphone/speaker to be placed on the customer side. Up to 8 headsets can be added to the system allowing multiple members of staff to communicate and move freely.

Handsfree Bluetooth headset with up to 10 meters range and 11 hrs battery time

VoiceBridge Standard with Bluethooth headset


Full-featured package including 1 Bluetooth Headset and 2 microphones/speakers. If the Bluetooth headset is switched off or out of range then the microphone/speaker units automatically take over seamlessly.

Infrared sensors automatically detect when a customer is present at the counter. Then seamless digital duplex technology takes over.

Intercom system for retail shops, pharmacy's and information desks

VoiceBridge by WHD

Talk through glass intercom - Easy to fit design


Activation / Deactivation: via infrared
Microphones: Incl. AEC-Technology (Acoustic Echo Cancellation) and NR-Technology (Noise Reduction)
Cables: Length of connection cable 1m. Length power supply cable 2m
Size: 86 × 111 × 18mm
Weight: Weight per Unit: 160 g
Operating voltage: 12VDC
Color: white
Accessories: Battery - Connection cable: 2m or 5m long

Ideal for cash registers, supermarkets, information desks, petrol stations, clinics, hotels, restaurants,

VoiceBridge Talk through glass intercom for cash registers and desks

VoiceBridge - Digital Speech Transfer System


Frequently Asked Questions

Mounting and first start up

The VoiceBridge is equipped with a highly adhesive mirror tape. Therefore, please test the best position before you attach the two microphone units.

First start-up
The first time the VoiceBridge is started up, it automatically adjusts to the respective environment for about 30 seconds. Echoes and feedback should not occur afterwards.

Positioning - Where do you attach the VoiceBridge?

Mount the VoiceBridge at head height:
The clarity is better the closer staff or customers are to the microphone. If the speaker is standing, the VoiceBridge should be placed higher than if the speaker is sitting. The microphones are located on the bottom right, which is why the attachment slightly left of the head is recommended.

How long does the battery of the Bluetooth headset last?

The battery life is about 11 hours in continuous operation.

The standby time is about 60 hours and the headset will be fully charged via USB cable in about 2 hours.

How can I test the VoiceBridge?

Please note that the intercom system is only activated by infrared sensors if someone appears within a distance of about 50 cm in front of it. If you have installed the VoiceBridge and would like to test it, please make sure that there is also someone on the opposite side

When is the set with Bluetooth headset recommended?

Whenever staff walks around, picks up things from shelves or the workplace situation requires a bigger range of motion: The headset remains connected to the customer‘s intercom within a radius of 5-10 meters. But the setup with Bluetooth headset also makes sense - for example - if no cable can be routed between the customer call station and the staff call station. This is often the case with permanently installed protective screens or completely closed information desks.

Operation - What to do if I hear echoes?

Turn down the VoiceBridge: Echoes are typically caused by reflections and radiation from loudspeakers into microphones. To maintain the impression of a natural conversation and to avoid echoes and feedback the VoiceBridge should always be operated as quietly as possible.

Operation - Why do the units whistle (feedback)?

Reduce the volume with the supplied mini cross-head screwdriver as listed in the operating instructions. If possible, position the microphone units further apart.

Can I connect any brand of headset?

Yes, The VoiceBridge supports most commercially available Bluetooth headsets.
The headsets included in the set are already paired with the unit ex works.

How many headsets can I use in one VoiceBridge station?  

If every staff member would like to have his own headset, up to 8 headsets can be paired per Bluetooth intercom unit.

How do I switch between the intercom unit and the headset?  

The VoiceBridge does this automatically. As soon as the headset is off or out of range, the voice station is activated. This only applies to the “Standard & Bluetooth” set

Hygienic covers and cleaning the VoiceBridge  

You can easily clean the VoiceBridge with a surface cleaner and a cloth. The same applies to the headsets.

We also offer hygienic covers for the headset.

Why does my headset not connect to the intercom unit? 

Probably because another headset is still connected to the Bluetooth unit (see status messages in the operating instructions). Pair your headset again if necessary

How can I mute the microphone of the headset?  

Simply double tap the key on the headset. For confirmation a sound signal will give you feedback. The microphone can also be reactivated similarly.

How can I regulate the volume of the intercom? 

Probably because another headset is still connected to the Bluetooth unit (see status messages in the operating You can adjust the volume very easily with an integrated volume control regulator. You will find detailed information on this in the respective operating manual.

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