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Pub's, Bar's & Beer Garden - Audio Systems & Pre-configured Speaker Packages

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A wide range of complete background music systems designed for installation into pubs and bars, including straightforward single zone systems for small environments, to larger multi-zone systems providing control over multiple areas.

Our 100V Line background music systems enable you to play music in your pub from almost any device such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop, jukebox or CD player. Simply connect a smart device via Bluetooth Connectivity and wirelessly stream all of your favourite music playlists. Alternatively, you can directly connect a media device via the RCA Phono/jack inputs located to the rear of the amplifier. The majority of our amplifiers also provide a built-in FM radio tuner, and USB/SD card, readers.

Choose from either wall mount or in-ceiling speakers, or even have a mixture of both depending on what suits your pub. You can have in-ceiling speakers installed in the main bar area, and then some IP rated outdoor wall speakers located in the smoking area. All of our pub speakers provide a professional and reliable solution for playing background music in your venue.

Our pre-configured background music systems are made from the industries leading brands such as Monacor, Apart, Inter-M, Cloud Electronics, Adastra, Clever Acoustics, etc.

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