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Best amplifiers for restaurants and pubs

The best commercial grade mixer amplifiers for restaurants, bistros, bars and pubs

Find out what is the best background music system amplifier for restaurants, bistros, bars and pubs. Our sales manager Tom tells us about his choices and which amps have features that may suit your venue's needs. Read now and find out.....

Author: Tom James - Sales Manager, Audio Volt

Finding the right audio amplifier for your restaurant or pub can be an extremely difficult task, that’s why here at Audio Volt we have collated a shortlist of our best commercial grade amplifiers to help you make your decision.


1. Adastra RM120B 120W Mixer Amplifier with Bluetooth @ £146.00

The Adastra RM120B is a 120W mixer amplifier perfect for small to medium-sized install applications needing a reliable, commercial-grade audio amplifier.

Delivering 120W of crystal-clear audio the Adastra RM120B is ideal for background music and speech. It has a dedicated XLR mic input with a mute switch great for making last calls, emergency announcements, or pubs quizzes etc.

The RM120B features Bluetooth connectivity for pairing up to an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad or any other smart device. It also has an FM tuner and USB/SD card reader with play/pause, skip/previous, repeat & mute.

The RM120B can be rack-mounted into any 19” 2U rack cabinet or case.
Adastra have developed a premium quality commercial amplifier for a budget-friendly cost price!

Also, in the Adastra range, check out these two fantastic mixer amplifiers by Adastra: Adastra RM60B 60W Mixer Amplifier @ £129.00  Adastra RM240B 240W 4-Zone Mixer Amplifier @ £179.00 


2. Monacor PA-12040 4-Zone 480W Mixer Amplifier @ £439.00

Monacor are renowned for their attention to detail and sheer class when it comes to designing and manufacturing their products, and you are sure to see that with the PA-12040 mixer amplifier.

The Monacor PA-12040 boasts 4-zones all rated at 120W each (480W) perfect for larger installations needing complete control over multiple areas. The PA-12040 also has 5-channels all of which have dedicated gain, treble, bass, and zone selection. This means you can play different inputs in different areas of your install.

Featuring a variety of inputs such as Mic/Line and RCA Phono the PA-12040 can take a direct connection from smartphones/tablets, CD or DAB radios, as well as a microphone. A headphone output is also situated on the face of the amplifier so you can monitor the audio.

The PA-12040 has a built-in ‘Priority’ circuit for the direct connection of a fire alarm system. This will mute the sound system to ensure that emergency evacuation instructions can be sounded.

The Monacor PA-12040 can be rack-mounted into any 19” 3U rack cabinet or case.

All Monacor products are also covered by a 3-year manufacturers warranty.

Also in the Monacor range is the excellent PA-4040, check it out below: Monacor PA-4040 4-Zone 160W Mixer Amplifier @ £355.00



3. Monacor PA-324 240W 100V Line Mixer Amplifier @ £259.00

It’s extremely hard to find a 100V line mixer amplifier with a single 240W output on the market, so Monacor have solved everybody’s problems with the affordable PA-324.

The Monacor PA-324 is perfect for pub and restaurant owners that are just wanting to play the same music throughout the whole building. A completely user-friendly amplifier that requires no special/complicated setup – simply connect your smartphone device or external media player and away you go!

This 100V Line PA mixer amplifier features a 3-pin XLR, 6.35mm jack, and RCA phono inputs for connecting an array of different devices.

Microphone input 1 has a priority circuit meaning your music will dim when speaking through the mic. This is great for pub quizzes, last orders, and emergency messages etc.

The Monacor PA-324 operates on 100V Line but also has 4, 8 and 16 Ohm speaker outputs.

Supplied with 19” rack-mount ears for installing into a 2U rack case or cabinet.

Owners will be pleased to know that all Monacor products are covered by a 3-year manufacturers warranty from the date of purchase.



4. Inter-M MA110 100W Class-D 100V Mixer Amplifier @ £199.00

The Inter-M MA110 is a 100W Class-D mixer amplifier great for small to medium-sized restaurants and pubs looking to add comfortable background music to their environment.

This compact 100V Line mixer amplifier offers a silent operation protected against overheating, and is highly efficient saving you money in your energy bills!
The MA range from Inter-M boasts a unique footprint, as they are only 1U in height ideal for installs where space is at a premium. The MA110 is a lightweight amplifier and weighs just 3.20kg. It can also be rack mounted into any cabinet or case using the BKT-MA106 19" rack brackets.

Thanks to it’s tight design the MA110 can be mounted on a desktop, below a counter, or even in a single cash register slot, however, can also be operated in challenging environments in temperatures as low as -10°C ~ +40°C.

Featuring a range of different inputs such as 3-pin XLR, RCA Phone, and 6.35mm jack the MA110 can be connected to a variety of smartphones, external media players, and/or a microphone.

The MA110 has a built-in ‘Priority’ circuit for the direct connection of a fire alarm system. This will mute the sound system to ensure that emergency evacuation instructions can be sounded.

Another fantastic amplifier in the Inter-M range is the MA106: Inter-M MA106 60W Class-D 100V Line Mixer Amplifier @ £139.00


5. Monacor PA-6M120 6-Zone 8-Channel 100V Mixer Amplifier @ £579.00

The Monacor PA-6M120 is a 6-zone 8-channel professional mixing amplifier ideal for medium-large sized installations which require a lot of playback flexibility across multiple areas.

As with all Monacor products, the PA-6M120 features the same attention to detail in the design and is built to last a lifetime thanks to the high-grade internal components and tough outer metal chassis.

Boasting an impressive 8 channels, the PA-6M120 will allow for a different audio source to be played through each of the 6 zones, making this perfect for large restaurants or pubs that want variation in audio throughout the establishment.

An example setup could be a restaurant with the main seating area, toilets, foyer, kitchen, and bar section. The PA-6M120 could apply a different song to each, setting the mood for that particular area. This method will also give you independent volume control for each area without the need to install additional attenuators.

The benefit of including more channels than zones is that if all 6 zones and 6 channels are in use, a microphone could be plugged into a spare channel and assigned to all zones, for talkback across the whole building/area at once.

With regards to inputs, the PA-6M120 features the following:

  • 4 x 6.3 mm jack (line 1-4),

  • 4 x 6.3 mm jack (line 5-8),

  • 1 x RJ45 (push-to-talk microphone),

  • 6 x RJ45 (remote in),

  • screw terminals (speakers)

Each zone has a total power output of 120W, making this one of the most powerful mixer amplifiers of this type on the market, with a combined output of 720W. This will allow for a large number of speakers to be installed and run at higher than average volumes if required and provides a lot of room for future expansion.

The PA-6M120 features a number of controls for each aspect of the amplifier. For each of the 8 channels, these are Volume, a simple EQ, mute, and a zone selector control. Each zone has it's own volume control, and a monitor button; similar to a solo button, this will only allow the audio in that particular zone to be audible while the button is pressed.

For convenience, the PA-6M120 can be rack mounted into any 3U rack cabinet for easy storage, or can be placed on an appropriate shelf or table is necessary. Noise levels will not be an issue either thanks to its fanless design.

It's incredibly rare to find a mixer amplifier like this, especially considering the affordable price. At Audiovolt, we describe the PA-6M120 as a much better alternative to the Adastra RM306 and highly recommend it thanks to the extra individual channels and higher output per zone.

All Monacor products also carry a 3-year manufacturer warranty in the unlikely event of a failure.

Variations of this amp are available in our Monacor range:

Monacor PA-2M120 2x120W 2-Zone 100V Line Mixer Amplifier @ £339.99

Monacor PA-4M120 4x120W 4-Zone 100V Line Mixer Amplifier @ £459.99

If you require any further assistance regarding theses amplifiers or any other 100V Line product just contact us on 02476 369890 and one of our experts will be happy to help. Or use our Request a Call Back page for a FREE no obligation system design & consultation service.

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Stephen Haynes - October 11, 2018

Glad I found this blog, was looking at putting a hi-fi amp in but went for the Monacor instead and turned out great.

Nigel C. - October 5, 2018

This is a really interesting read! I am a AV installer and have not come across some of these amps before. They could definitely fit in with some installs I have.

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