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W-Audio RM 30 UHF Wireless Microphone Kit (863.1mHz)

by W-Audio
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£75.00 (inc. VAT)

The RM 30 Wireless Microphone Kit is a versatile and flexible system for small events, talks and public address. The simple design ensures easy setup, and thanks to its size is very portable.

The W-Audio RM 30 Wireless Microphone Kit is a great choice for live talks/performances on stage, at conferences and in schools/colleges.

The receiver can only accept a single microphone at a time, the benfits being there will be no clashing with other signals being received by the unit. It also ensures an incredbly easy setup. It functions via UHF, which will provide a clear and uninterrupted sound from other devices, which can happen on VHF frequencies.

This kit includes 3 microphones - Handheld, Tie-Clip and Headset. This versatility will ensure the system can be used in any situation.

The kit is also very compact for easy storage, and comes with a hard case to keep the components safe when travelling.

In terms of sound quality, the RM 30 provides crystal clear audio with no colouration, meaning what is said is exactly what is heard.


Key features include: 

  • Fixed Frequency (863.1mHz)

  • LCD Display for Receiver and Transmitter (Displays RF level, AF level, channel and frequency)

  • Includes 1x Handheld Mics, 1x Receiver Unit, Hard Carry Case, 1/4" jack to jack cable.

  • Phase Lock Loop (PLL)

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    See SPECIFICATION tab for technical specs

    W-Audio RM 30 Handheld UHF Wireless Mic System Specifications

      Operating Frequency: 863.1mHz

        W-Audio RM 30 Handheld UHF Wireless Mic System - PDF file download

        Download the User Manual HERE