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ADS5120D Class-D 120W 100V Mixer Amplifier

£399.00 (inc. VAT)

The ADS 5120D Plus is a 120w 100v line Class D public address amplifier packed with useful, flexible and value-for-money features.

With bullet-proof reliability, it is ideal for larger group use in education (schools, colleges and universities), hotels, leisure centres, churches and other places of worship, retail outlets (shops and department stores), offices, factories and other work and meeting venues where quality speech and music reproduction are needed.

Key Features: 

  • Efficient class D amplifier.
  • Fire Mute, amplifier mutes on switch closure from fire detection system.
  • 6 Input.
  • Versatile priority structure, input 1, 1st priority, inputs 2-5 first come first served.
  • Switchable phantom power on inputs 1-5.
  • Switchable chime on inputs 1-5.
  • Switchable VOX on input 1.
  • Inputs 1-5 have adjustable sensitivity for a wide range of source signals.
  • Speech only output, delivers signal only when a priority exists.
  • Speech and music output delivers all source signals.
  • 24Vdc 250mA output to drive external devices such as relays and LED’s.
  • Restoration, provides volume restoration with a suitable volume control on priority.
  • 240Vac or 24Vdc power options.
  • Can be desk or rack-mounted.

ADS5120D Mixer Amplifier Specifications