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VoiceBridge Contactless Intercom for Safety Screens with Talk & Walk Bluetooth Headsets

by WHD
£159.00 (inc. VAT)
VoiceBridge - Intercom Type
Extra Bluetooth Headset

VoiceBridge speech transfer system for glass screens


Talk through protective screens with clear and secure communication. Face masks, safety screens and social distancing are no longer a problem with VoiceBridge by WHD

VoiceBridge is an automatic contactless speech transfer system. A hygienic, safe and frustration-free experience for your customers and staff. No longer will you have to speak louder, bend over or bypass your covid-19 safety screens.

COMPLETE SAFETY > Totally 'hands-free' intercom with a built-in infrared sensor that detects when a customer is present. Fully automatic calibration with zero feedback noise using seamless digital duplex technology - meaning you can 'speak and listen at the same time'

EASY TO DIY INSTALL > Retrofit to any existing screen. Just attach, plug and then speak! Fully automatic intercom system. Ideal for cash registers, supermarkets, information desks, petrol stations, clinics, pharmacies, doctors, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops & schools.

New Bluetooth intercom headsets by VoiceBridge WHDNEW FOR 2021 - Handsfree Bluetooth Headsets >

Staff have the freedom to move around the workplace with crystal clear communication with the customer, handsfree. Connect up to 8 headsets to one VoiceBridge. The cleaver part is if the headset is switched off or out of range, the staff side mic/speaker unit automatically takes over seamlessly.

Bluetooth Headset Features:

  • Handsfree operation
  • 5 to 10 metres of range
  • 11 hours of continuous operation
  • Connect up to 8 different headsets at once
  • Automatically connects to the intercom unit seamlessly
  • Digital duplex technology - Speak & listen at the same time
  • Standby time 60 hours & is fully charged via USB cable in about 2 hours
  • Choose Standard, Bluetooth or Standard with Bluetooth intercom by VoiceBridgeVoiceBridge - Standard £159.00 (inc. VAT)

    (non Bluetooth compatible) For workplaces where staff are permanently in one place and do not need to move away from the microphone unit.

    VoiceBridge - Bluetooth £189.00 (inc. VAT)

    (Bluetooth Headset and one microphone/speaker on customer side) Up to 8 headsets can be added to the system allowing multiple members of staff to communicate and move freely within a 5-10 meter range.

    VoiceBridge - Standard with Bluetooth £249.00 (inc. VAT)

    (Bluetooth Headset, two microphones/speakers on the customer side and staff side)  
    If Bluetooth headset is switched off or out of range, staff side mic/speaker unit automatically takes over seamlessly.


    • Simple, easy to use & a DIY retrofit design
    • Fully automatic calibration with zero feedback noise
    • Infrared sensors automatically detect when a customer is present at counter
    • Seamless digital duplex technology - Speak and listen at the same time
    • Handsfree Bluetooth headset - up to 10 meters range and 11hrs battery time

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        See SPECIFICATION tab for technical specs


        Voicebridge Speech Transfer System


        • Activation / deactivation : Via infrared
        • Microphones Incl. AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation / Echo Compensation)
        • and NR (Noise Reduction) technology
        • Length of connecting cable: 2m 
        • Dimensions approx. 86 × 111 × 18mm
        • Weight: Weight per intercom: 160 g
        • Weight per set including packaging: 520 g
        • Material: Plastic housing
        • Colour: White

        Voicebridge Intercom - PDF Downloads

        VoiceBridge Spec Sheet - DOWNLOAD >

        VoiceBridge FAQ - DOWNLOAD >