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ZUMA - Smart Wireless All-In-One Downlight & Speaker Units

ZUMA - Smart Wireless All-In-One Downlight & Speaker Units

Zuma is a smart all-in-one Wi-Fi-enabled downlight & speaker combined into one unit.

It provides an elegant and seamless way to install modern low-energy LED lighting into your home, while simultaneously offering a high-quality speaker all built into the same unit. Both lighting and audio can be controlled via the LUMA app or your smart home system of choice for a fully autonomous experience.

Lumisonic & Luminaire

Zuma offers two models - Lumisonic & Luminaire.

Lumisonic is the main all-in-one unit with the speaker and lighting and is what we recommend installing in any room where you would like to play audio.

Luminaire is the light only, without the speaker.

With regards to the lighting, both units offer the same level of functionality and control. A common four-light setup in a typical living room or kitchen would be to have one or two Lumisonic units for audio playback, and Luminaires to make up the rest of the space.

Connectivity & Control

Zuma works seamlessly as a multi-room wireless system over your home Wi-Fi. You can connect up to 200 units in a home and play the same or different music in every room or zone.

ZUMA can be controlled via the dedicated app to group units, change tracks, volume and lighting, and it can also be controlled via Alexa, Google Home, Airplay, or Bluetooth.

Sound & Lighting

All of this functionally wouldn’t mean anything without delivering great real-world performance, and fortunately, Zuma delivers.

Zuma comes with a number of programmable lighting modes in both colour and white light. The colour options are can be programmed to any colour through an index of 90 CRI. In simple terms, this offers a much more natural and pleasant colour representation when compared to other colour LED Lights.

With regard to sound, Zuma has partnered with the world’s finest acoustic and lighting engineers to create the best-sounding solution possible in the small form factor of the light. Zuma produces crisp, clear vocals and rich bass through a unique superformed aluminium cone specially manufactured in Britain.

Circadian Lighting

Zuma has a Circadian Rhythm routine available, which will automatically turn on and adjust the colour & intensity of the light depending on the time of day, simulating natural light.

This can lead to better sleep/wake cycles and offers a number of health benefits.


Installation of the Lumisonic and Luminaire is very easy. They install like a simple spotlight and require standard 240V mains power. They can also be used with standard light switches.

If you require any further assistance please contact us on 02476 369890 and one of our experts will be happy to help. Or use our Request a Call Back page for a FREE no obligation system design & consultation service.

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