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How to control the volume of a 100V Line or low impedance loudspeaker using an attenuator

How to control the volume of a 100V Line or low impedance loudspeaker using an attenuator

Author: Tom James - Sales Manager, Audio VoltShop now for Volume Controls

Loudspeaker volume controls (also known as attenuators) enable you to control the volume of either one or a series of 100V Line / low impedance loudspeakers.

Our range includes a series of wall or desktop attenuators giving you full control of the volume.

Attenuators are commonly used in commercial environments such as Pubs, Restaurants, and Hotels where a localized volume control is required, This is particularly useful if you have multiple rooms and you need to reduce the volume in a certain area such as a restaurant connected to a bar.

 The attenuators are available is a range of wattages from 12w to 120w and are compatible with all our wall and ceiling speakers via a 100v line or low impedance system.

How do I know which volume control I need?

When using an attenuator it's important to make sure the load (total wattage) of the speakers does not exceed the max wattage of the volume control.  In our simple guide below you can see an example of load/wattages

Volume Control Loading Examples:

1 x 20W 100v Loudspeaker = 20W Volume Control 

6 x 10W 100v  Loudspeakers = 60W Volume Control

8 x 15W 100vLoudspeakers = 120W Volume Control

20 x 6W 100v Loudspeakers = 120W Volume Control

For low impedance music systems, you simply need to balance the impedance to suit the volume control.

For example: 

1 x 8 Ohm Loudspeaker = 8 Ohm Volume Control

2 x 8 Ohm Loudspeakers = 4 Ohm Volume Control

1 x 16 Ohm Loudspeaker = 16 Ohm Volume Control

2 x 16 Ohm Loudspeakers = 8 Ohm Volume Control

We are key stockists of Volume controls from Adastra, Clever Acoustics, Monacor and TOA.

Speaker attenuators can either be wall mounted or installed into a 19" rack cabinet. Wall mount volume controls fit into standard UK back boxes and sit flush mount to the wall. 19" Rackmountable attenuators are also available for installing into a rack cabinet.

Shop now for a 100v line attenuator volume control

If you require any further assistance regarding purchasing an attenuator volume control or any other 100V Line product just contact us on 02476 369890 and one of our experts will be happy to help. Or use our Request a CallBack page for a FREE no obligation system design & consultation service.

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Tom - July 12, 2019

Hi Calum, thanks for your comment!

Choosing the correct 100V Line attenuator is simple, essentially it’s just a balancing act between the speakers and the total wattage of the volume control.

If you have a 20W 100V Line speaker then I would suggest going for a volume control that is rated at least 30W just so you have a little headroom. If you need to control the volume for multiple speakers, then combine the speaker wattage and balance to a suitable attenuator. For example, 2 × 20W speakers = 40W volume control.

P.S. always try to leave a little bit of headroom just to ensure you don’t overload the attenuator.

I hope this helps!


Calum - July 12, 2019

Hey there, do you need specific attenuators for running speakers on 100V lines (amc-120 to Jbl CRVs) or will any low impedance attenuators rated to the correct wattage of the speakers work? Thanks!

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