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TOA 120W Loudspeaker Volume Control - 100V Line Attenuator

by TOA
£44.00 (inc. VAT)
SKU LS04811

This 120W Volume Control allows you to control the volume of either one or multiple 100V Line loudspeakers. 

A 120W volume control attenuator perfect for use with 100V Line loudspeakers. Features a stylish, flush mount design that fits in with all room decors. 

Ideal solution for reducing/increasing the volume within a certain area of your building. 

Supplied with standard UK back box. 


Wiring Instructions

From Amp - Positive (+) into HOT IN, Negative (-) into COM.

From Speaker - Positive (+) into SP, Negative (-) into COM.


TOA 120W Volume Control Features

  • 24VDC overriding relay with red LED indicator (4 wire system only)

  • 120 Watts Max Input/Load

  • 8 steps (0dB, -3dB,-9dB, -12dB,-15dB, -18dB, OFF)

  • Glossy finish in white

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      TOA 120W Volume Control Specifications

      • Input Capacity: 120 Watt
      • Attenuation: 8 steps (0dB, -3dB,-9dB, -12dB,-15dB, -18dB, OFF)
      • Override Indicator: Red LED (4 wire connection)
      • Override Voltage: 24V, 11mA DC (4 wire connection)

      TOA 120W Volume Control PDF Download

      Download the Product Spec Sheet Here