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Optimal Audio Zone 4 - 4-Zone Audio Controller with DSP & Web App Control

Original price £1,080.00 (inc. VAT) - Original price £1,080.00 (inc. VAT)
Original price £1,080.00 (inc. VAT)
£1,080.00 (inc. VAT)
£1,080.00 (inc. VAT) - £1,080.00 (inc. VAT)
Current price £1,080.00 (inc. VAT)

Comprehensive but never confusing, the Zone 4 will quickly become the core of your audio system. 

The state-of-the-art Zone series from Optimal Audio was created with one core goal in mind - unparalleled control and flexibility in a user-friendly package that is accessible even for those with little experience of managing audio systems. All at a surprisingly affordable price!

The Zone 4 offers groundbreaking audio signal routing and processing and is designed as a pre-amp unit to be connected to your existing power amp. Easily combine audio sources (such as streaming services, phones/tablets, radio, computers, TVs, etc) to create separate mixes in up to four separate zones. And with a large, clear and fully labellable interface on the front of the unit and modern LED dials, you'll never need to second-guess a setting or zone again.

Optimal Audio Zone 4

Is the Zone 4 right for me?

The combination of a huge feature-set and easy control makes the Zone 4 appropriate for use in a tremendous range of commercial and domestic settings, including:
  • Bars, Restaurants & Cafes
  • Retail Stores
  • Hotels & Wedding Venues
  • Warehouses & Factories
  • Fitness Studios & Gyms
  • Corporate Offices
  • Places of Education
  • Houses of Worship
  • Museums
  • Residential properties

Impressive Connectivity

Optimal Audio Zone 4 Back

The Zone 4 features a wealth of connectivity options - 4 stereo line, 2 HDMI (ARC) and 2 mic inputs (with +48V phantom power) along with dedicated ports for future Optimal Audio paging stations and an Ethernet port for connecting your Zone 4 to your router, either through a wired or wireless connection.

There are 4 mono line outputs, which can also be configured as 2 stereo outputs.

4 x RJ45 ports on the rear of the unit allow connection to the incredible ZonePad wall controllers (be sure to check those out as well!) for even more intuitive control!

Optimal Audio Zone Pads Banner

Control from Anywhere with WebApp

Each zone can be configured with an unbelievable level of control thanks to the truly innovative and totally free Optimal Audio WebApp. This is a killer feature that few other amplifiers can offer. Take microcosmic control of every aspect of your system from anywhere you have internet access, using only a web browser and a PC/Mac, Apple or Android device!

Set automatic schedules, assign and name zones and sources, make a complex routine to automate your zones and volumes for when there's a big game on the big screen, password-lock access for peace of mind....there is such a tremendous amount that you can do with the WebApp that we have given it its own section above!

Optimal Audio Web App Banner

Other notable features

The Zone 4 includes an alarm override, microphone ducking controls (so you are always heard over the music!) and an ingenious SD slot that allows you to save and recall incredibly complex configurations and settings, absolutely ideal for chains and businesses with replicated systems across multiple venues or stores!

Zone 4 Key Features:

  • Full suite of audio controls for up to 4 zones
  • Fully flexible signal routing
  • WebApp interface for easy system configuration and everyday control
  • 2 mic, 4 stereo line and 2 HDMI inputs
  • Fully programmable presets and timed events
  • Very competitive pricing

    Optimal Audio Zone 4 Specifications

    Type: 4 Zone audio processor with DSP and loudspeaker presets

    Mic Inputs: 2 with 48V phantom power, +12dB to + 55dB gain

    Mic Input Processing: Fixed hi-pass filter @160Hz; sweepable mid-band 200Hz-5kHz, +/-12dB; HF shelf @12kHz

    Line Inputs: 4 stereo with +26dB gain trim. SPDIF option on input 1

    HDMI Inputs: 2

    Line Outputs: 





    The Optimal Audio WebApp brings the technology behind the Zone series to the end user.

    Traditionally, the control and operation of commercial sound systems has been a complicated inconvenience to many users, who just want the system to work. WebApp and ZonePad coupled with the Zone series puts effortless and intuitive control into their hands.

    The WebApp has been carefully designed to bring the essential functions and daily operation of your sound system to your smartphone, tablet or laptop. With slick touchscreen-optimised controls, WebApp is designed for ease of use on any device.

    The responsive and intuitive interface lays out the fundamental controls in a clean, accessible format with the deeper, lockable layers for system configuration available for integrators and system commissioners.

    Zone specific and global presets for manual and time of day triggers.

    Complete system configuration can be achieved through the WebApp with ducking, EQs, limiters, advanced signal routing and more.

    WebApp also allows for the system configuration files within Zone series products to be saved and easily replicated across multi-site installations.

    Hosted by the Zone series, there’s no installation required – just open a browser on a smartphone, tablet or laptop connected to the same network, enter the address and you’re in.

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