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Monacor PATL-100/XC - 100V Audio Signal to Line-Level Converter

by Monacor
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£79.99 (inc. VAT)


Our Monacor PATL-100/XC is a handy device which converts a 100V line signal into a line-level output for connecting to a wide range of devices such as a low impedance amplifier or mixer.

This converter is passive and requires no power to operate, and with its low weight, it can be located above ceiling tiles if required.

The PATL-100/XC is built in a high quality sealed box to avoid any audio interference and installing the device is a very simple process.  At one end you will find a removable two-pin connector which accepts the 100V line cable and at the opposite end, you find a 3 pin balanced XLR socket.

Some examples of use could be

A: Adding a powered PA speaker or Active Subwoofer to an existing 100V Line system. Simply take a feed from one of the speakers and connect to your chosen active speaker

B: Your store is in a shopping centre or airport, All shopping areas have a security announcement in place to protect patrons against Fire & Terrorism.  When announcements are made this is generally sent over a 100V line ring which needs to be connected to your in-store music system. In order to comply with the shopping centres security policy, your music needs to be muted and the announcement needs to be audible for your staff and customers. This converter is required for that process to put in place.


    All Monacor products have a 3 year warranty

    All Monacor products carry an industry-leading 3 year warranty

      See SPECIFICATION tab for technical specs


      Monacor PATL-100/XC

      • Description: 100 V transformer
      • Output signal: 0-5.6 V (at 100 V)
      • Admiss. ambient temp.: 0-40 °C
      • Dimensions: 100 x 60 x 190 mm
      • Weight: 625 g
      • Inputs: plug-in screw terminal (100 V)
      • Outputs: XLR, ball / RCA

      Monacor PATL-100/XC - PDF file downloads

      Download the User Manual HERE