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Eagle Remote LED Indicator for SL2000 Noise Limiter System

by Eagle
£109.00 (inc. VAT)
SKU G995

A remote indicator with an LED traffic light system for use with the Eagle G990 Noise Limiter. 

Simple-to-monitor LED system which clearly indicates noise/volume levels within the noisiest environment where the corresponding microphone is situated. 

Designed for use in conjunction with the Eagle SL2000P Noise Pollution System.

LED Traffic Lights

  • Green light means sound level is OK
  • 1st Amber light means noise is getting louder
  • 2nd Amber indicates sound is too loud
  • Red light shows when sound has been cut off by the controller 

Wiring the remote lighting indicator: 

Connections A-D are low voltage drive outputs only, and are connected to corresponding connections on the remote light display is fitted. 

A = Traffic Lights 0 Volt (Common)

B = Traffic Lights Red Channel

C = Traffic Lights Yellow Channel

D = Traffic Lights Green Channel 


    Eagle Remote LED Indicator

    • Depth (mm): 150
    • Height (mm): 105
    • Width (mm): 450
    • Product Dimensions (mm): 105x450x150
    • Net weight (kg): 3.08
    • Colour: Black
    • Dimensions: 105x450x150
    • Power Input: 230 ac@50HZ
    • Weight: 3.080

    Eagle Remote LED Indicator - PDF Download

    Download the User Manual Here