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2-In, 6-Out Spring Lever Terminal Block, 32A, 240V

£8.99 (inc. VAT)

This terminal block is ideal for connecting up to 6x cables (or 3x speaker cables, positive & negative), and combining them into one run. Alternatively, it can split two cables into six.

This is ideal for connecting multiple speakers easily into an amplifier.

The spring lever design removes the need for a screwdriver and is very easy to install. The springs themselves are very strong and hold the cables with a lot of force, ensuring that they do not fall out on their own.

The terminal is 240V, 32A rated making it suitable for any application, for example, 100V Line or mains.


Item Type: Terminal Block
Material: Nylon + Copper
Rated Voltage: 250V-4KV
Rated Current: 32A
Rated Power: 7KW
Applicable Wire Diameter: Soft and hard wire 0.08-4.0mm2 (AWG28-15)