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Soundtrack Your Brand | Audio Volt

Soundtrack Your Brand | Audio Volt

Soundtrack Your Brand is a music streaming service designed for businesses. Play licensed music in your restaurant, bar, cafe, office and more directly from your phone, tablet or PC.

When you purchase an audio system through us, we can set up an account with Soundtrack Your Brand on your behalf, or provide the details to set up the account yourself.

Soundtrack Your Brand Desktop UI

How it Works

Step 1.

Purchase an audio system from us. This can be one of our pre-configured kits, or, a bespoke quote.

Step 2.

Purchase a plan with Soundtrack Your Brand and download the app on your phone or tablet, or use the PC web player.

Step 3.

Collate a playlist or use one of the pre-selected playlists that best suit your business.


Soundtrack Your Brand handles a large majority of commercial licensing meaning less hassle for you. This includes the license to stream music and store it on a device, and a license to play music on demand (Soundtrack Unlimited only).

The only license you will need is a Performing Performance License, which is the license to publicly play music from your audio system. You can find out more about this below.

How to Buy

When purchasing your audio system from us, we can set up an account with Soundtrack Your Brand on your behalf. You will be provided with the login details and will have full access to the services, however the account will be managed by us. Payment is made to us directly in either monthly or yearly installments.

Alternatively, we can provide a link to set up an account with Soundtrack Your Brand yourself. We won't be able to assist in the setup, however, you will have full management over the account. You will pay Soundtrack your Brand directly.

Soundtrack Player

The Soundtrack Player is a hardware device that let you store music locally and play music without the need for a phone, tablet or PC. You can connect to the player via a web app from anywhere in the world or via a smartphone app locally (iOS only) to control the playback settings.

It's tamper-proof, compact, and a great hassle-free solution to use alongside your audio system.

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