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Tibo Bond Mini Wifi & Bluetooth Audio Receiver + Free Power Supply

by Tibo
£49.00 (inc. VAT)

The Tibo Bond Mini Wifi & Bluetooth Receiver is a quick and easy way to wirelessly stream audio from your mobile device.

The Tibo Bond is a compact and unobtrusive device which can turn any Hifi or active speaker into a wireless audio system.

Setting up is quick and easy - simply plug in the power (adapter included), plug the audio output into the back of the unit via the 3.5mm jack, and connect to a mobile device via the Tibo app. That's it.

The benefit of using Wifi instead of Bluetooth is a stronger connection, extended range, and the ability to link other Tibo products together using the Tibo app. 

A great alternative to SONOS systems, the Tibo Bond is perfect for installs into public and commercial environments, as there will be no interference (which could occur over Bluetooth). Since audio is streamed over Wifi, it can be controlled from anywhere with a Wifi connection. Linking multiple Tibo products together also provides audio solutions with venues wanting audio in multiple rooms, with independent control over each room.


Complete control via the TIBO app

The TIBO app is available for both Apple and Android devices via the App/Play Store. The simple-to-use app provides you with complete control over your Bond.

The Tibo App showcasing how it looks and what music services it offers.

This smart app supports up to 16 TIBO devices, perfect for multi-room applications. This means you could have a Bond device running in every room of your house, and all controllable from the same app on your phone!

The Tibo App showing the device list and how Tibo products are connected to it.

The TIBO app is Spotify ready so you can stream all of your favourite playlists. It also has thousands of local and international radio stations, from BBC Radio 1, to 80's Classics, and Brazilian radio. It can also play music stored on your device.

Key Features:

  • Compact and Lightweight

  • Wifi and Bluetooth Connectivity

  • Tibo App Available for iOS & Android

  • Link multiple Tibo devices together for multi-room environments

  • VERY low power consumption


Tibo Electronics Logo


See SPECIFICATION tab for technical specs


Tibo Bond Wifi & Bluetooth Audio Receiver

  • Output: 3.5mm (1/8") Stereo jack output connector
  • Power supply: 5V DC, via micro USB (adaptor included)
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 55x18x55mm
  • Weight: 35g

Download the Tibo Bond Manual Here

Download the Tibo App Manual Here