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Atlas Sound TSD-ALC2 2-Channel Audio Limiter/Controller

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£244.00 (inc. VAT)

The Atlas Sound TSD-ALC2 Audio Limiter automatically attenuates the volume of your sound system, and is perfect for social clubs, bars and venues that have to adhere to set noise levels.

The Atlas Sound TSD-ALC2 Audio Limiter puts you in control of your commercial audio system. By limiting the volume at the input stage, the TSD-ALC2 will automatically adjust the volume to keep within a certain level.

This is ideal for venues with strict noise level limits, and is a great way to avoid fines that may occur because of this. These could include bars or pubs within residential areas, or a hirable social club, as the unit will stop the DJ from going over the noise level.

The unit itself is very small and easy to use. There is an input and output, a dial for setting the max volume level and a dial to reduce the volume down to when this threshold is hit.

There is also a fast and slow ramp feature, which will dictate how long the volume takes to come down to the set level. This ensures a much more comfortable experience as the sound won't cut to the set volume in an instant.

For added security, covers are included for all from panel controls to stop people adjusting the settings. Also, unlike traditional noise pollution systems, this unit won't run the risk of damaging your equipment as it doesn't directly affect the power source, giving you and anybody using the system peace of mind that their equipment is safe.

Key features include: 

  • Threshold Level Adjustment

  • Ramp Speed Selection

  • Security Covers Included for all front panel controls

  • Stereo Auto Level Control


See SPECIFICATION tab for technical specs

Atlas Sound TSD-ALC2 Specifications

Chassis material: Aluminum

Input/Output type: 2, unbalanced

Input/Output connection: RCA Left and Right

Input Impedance: 10kΩ

Output impedance: 150Ω unbalanced

Output level: Adjustable from 0v ~ 1.5v, Hard Limit

Input Signal: Green, 25mv on Threshold

Input Peak: Red, -3dB before clip

ALC Active: Yellow, onset of Input Level Reduction, 25mv Threshold

Power: Blue

Frequency Response: 20Hz~20kHz (±1dB)

Auto Level Threshold Range: 25mv~3v

THD: 0.5% and 1kHz

Signal to Noise: 80dBv

Output Level Limiter Range: 0~1.5v

Sample Rate: 42 per adjustment

Level Adjustment Increment: 1dB or 2dB selectable (delay time: 20ms between adjustment)

Voltage: 24v DC

Power Consumption: 60mA, 1.4W

Dimensions: 39(H) x 101(W) x 70(D) mm

Weight (Net): 0.17kg

Weight (Gross): 0.25kg

Atlas Sound TSD-ALC2 2-Channel Audio Limiter/Controller - PDF file download

Download the User Manual HERE