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Adastra CA60 Compact 60W Mixer Amplifier, 100V Line / 8 Ohms

by Adastra
£129.00 (inc. VAT)
SKU 953.104

The Adastra CA60 is a compact 60W mixer amplifier designed for environments where space is a premium. 

This compact 60W mixer amplifier from Adastra is ideally suited to environments where space is a premium. The CA60 weighs just 4.35kg allowing it to be desktop mounted or placed below a bar/counter. 

The CA60 has a built-in mixer with inputs for microphones and a line level input for adding music via a smartphone / iPad / CD or Tuner. Mic input 1 has a 'Vox Priority Circuit' meaning when you speak through the microphone the music will dim. 

Both 100V Line and 8 Ohm speaker outputs are positioned at the rear of the amplifier. Screw terminals allow a quick and easy installation. 

Adastra CA60 Mixer Amplifier Main Features

  • Compact, discreet design

  • Mic input with override 

  • Aux inputs for smartphones/tablets/CD players etc.

  • 100V Line and 8 Ohm speaker outputs


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Adastra CA60 Mixer Amplifier Specifications

  • Version: 60W, 3 mic
  • Output power: 60Wrms
  • Frequency response: line91Hz - 48kHz
  • Frequency response: mic93Hz - 15.0kHz
  • Mic inputs: 3 x 6.3mm jack (unbalanced)
  • Input sensitivity: line-8.8dB
  • Input sensitivity: mic-50.1dB
  • Signal to noise ratio: line90dB
  • Signal to noise ratio: mic82dB
  • Dimensions: 285 x 220 x 84mm
  • Weight: 4.35kg


Download the user manuals HERE