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EN 54-24 Certified Loudspeakers

EN54 Speakers must be approved by European Standard and every component must meet the laboratory and test requirements. EN 54-24 is the certification of speakers regulated for emergency and voice alarm systems.

BS EN 54-24:2008, Fire detection and fire alarm systems. Components of voice alarm systems – Loudspeakers.

It is crucial that emergency evacuation instructions are sounded to the public in the event of a fire, and EN 54-24 certified loudspeakers ensure the speaker circuit integrity will be maintained in this event.

EN 54-24 Speakers must also have a thermal fuse & ceramic terminal block that has been tested and certified.

Here at AudioVolt we offer a range of EN 54-24 certified Ceiling Speakers, EN 54-24 Wall Speakers, EN 54-24 Horn Speakers and Column speakers.  

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