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Lithe Audio WiFi vs Bluetooth ultimate guide

Lithe Audio Wireless Ceiling Speakers - WiFi vs Bluetooth... which is best for your needs?

Choosing a Lithe Audio Ceiling Speaker for your smart home audio installation is a no brainer, there's a good reason they are a multi-award-winning brand.

They are simply the best wireless ceiling speakers on the market today.
But which model do you choose, Bluetooth or Wifi? Read on and find out which technology is right for your needs and there pros and cons.  

Bluetooth Lithe Audio Ceiling Speakers

BLUETOOTH - Lithe Audio Ceiling Speaker - New and improved 2020 model SHOP NOW>

NEW: Latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology with increased range of 30 metres.

NEW: aptX Low Latency - Easy TV pairing with no lip-sync

Play music from any app on your phone/tablet (Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, etc.)

Can be paired to an Amazon Alexa or Google Home and controlled by your voice. Simply say the magic works “Alexa play this song”

Line Input (RCA) so you can connect your TV or PC directly to the speaker. Line Input takes priority so no need to worry about the settings, just press play!

Can link up to 3 pairs through ‘Lithe Link’ ideal for large rooms that need multiple speakers. FIND HERE>

Can be powered via a lighting circuit or UK mains plug (supplied).

Pros of Bluetooth models:

  • Quick and easy to setup
  • Works with virtually any smart device or TV
  • Voice controlled via Alexa/Google Home
  • Bluetooth 5.0 – 30 metres range
  • aptX low latency – No lip sync when connected to TV

Cons of Bluetooth models:

  • Limited Bluetooth Range
  • No multi-zone control
  • Text/ring tones will play through speaker

WiFi Lithe Audio Ceiling Speakers

WiFi - Lithe Audio Ceiling Speaker - NEW UPDATED 2020 with AirPlay 2 SHOP NOW>

Now works with Apple AirPlay 2

Wireless music streaming over WiFi - Controlled through the Lithe Audio app on your smartphone or tablet.

Can be controlled from anywhere in your house as long as you have WiFi connection.

Spotify & Deezer ready – just log in and play your favourite playlists.

Works with AirPlay 2 for Apple devices and has over 15,000 internet radio stations to choose from.

Multi Room – Connect up to 30 master speakers through the Lithe App. Group them together or have them all playing something different. Renaming can also be done through the app for easy control.

Built-in amplifier is slightly more powerful than the Bluetooth speaker.

Connect your TV or PC through the Line Input.

Can also be powered via a lighting circuit or UK mains plug (supplied).

Pros of WiFi Technology:

  • Quick and easy to setup
  • Wirelessly controlled through the Lithe Audio app
  • Stream music over WiFi – Control from anywhere in your house
  • Slightly more powerful than the Bluetooth speaker
  • Spotify & Deezer Ready + over 15,000 internet radio stations
  • Works with Apple AirPlay

Cons of Lithe WiFi Speakers:

  • Needs a strong WiFi connection to work
  • WiFi only – No Bluetooth connectivity
  • Does not work with Youtube

Lithe Audio Wireless Ceiling Speakers are your 'all-in-one' ceiling speaker solution.

With no speaker cables in your walls and with a built-in amplifier, it's a plug and play world we now live in!

Wirelessly stream your music from a phone, tablet & computer or use voice control with Amazon Echo & Google home devices. Choose between Bluetooth, Wifi & Water-Resistant bathroom models.

The future is now, the future is Lithe Audio Wireless Ceiling Speakers and at Audio Volt, we just love them!


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